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  • Transformed from Loser to Champion - 4

    by Mentoring Kingdom Leaders in Christianity

    Tags: Life Word JesusMentoring Kingdom LeadershipJesus is LordExpanding Your Capacity to LeadDr. Alfreda BSocial MediaPrayer PowerThe Law of ObedienceOvercoming through ObedienceHappy New YearAlfreda Bradford Ministries

    Only God can do theimpossible - Believe Him!

  • "It's DEW Time with Pastor Steph" - 6-11-24

    by A Closer Walk Christian Talk Show in Christianity


    A word from the Lord and a praise to get your day jump started!!

  • Grace Nurture

    by GraceNurture in Spirituality


    Encouragement, Prayer, Grace, Faith, Hope, Religion, Spirituality, Nurture, Morning Inspiration, Love and Meditation, Daily Bread

  • Conversations Daily News with host Cyrus Webb

    by Conversations Daily News in Current Events

    Tags: cyrus webbryan tobyconversations daily news

    Join host Cyrus Webb for Tuesday's edition of Conversations Daily News to get your news headlines, Words I Choose to Live By, music by Lalah Hathaway and chat with Ryan Toby.

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    A 15 Year Celebration of the HR Happy Hour Show

    by Steve Boese Trish Steed in Business

    Tags: Steve BoeseTrish SteedHRAnniversaryCelebrationPodcastHR TechCommunity

    A 15 Year Celebration of the HR Happy Hour Show
    Hosts:Steve Boese&Trish Steed
    Today, we sat down to take a look back at the last 15 years of the HR Happy Hour Show. Hear the story of how the show began, and the many ways it has evolved through the years. From its humble beginnings as a call-in talk show to becoming a staple podcast in the HR community, we reflect on the pivotal changes and innovations that have shaped the show's growth. Join us as we share some of our favorite episodes, moments. and guests while also exploring our dreams and ideas for continuing to provide insightful and engaging content to HR professionals everywhere. Celebrate with us today!
    Thank you for joining the show today! Remember to subscribe wherever you get your podcasts!
    This episode is sponsored by Paychex, one of the leading providers of HR, payroll, retirement, and insurance solutions for businesses of all sizes. Are you a business leader or HR manager navigating the complex world of hiring and retaining top talent? Then you need Paychex's Essential Guide to Finding and Keeping Your Dream Team to discover how to attract high-quality employees and keep them engaged and motivated long-term. Whether you're looking to enhance employee career growth, improve your onboarding process, or understand the importance of flexibility in today's workplace, this guide has got you covered. Grab your free copy unlock the secret to building your dream team today.

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    493: Perfecting Product Culture and Teams

    by ProdMgmtTalk in Business

    Tags: Product managerproduct developmentproduct managementnew product developmentinnovation managementproduct development processproduct designproduct innovationinnovation processinnovation strategyproduct design process

    Global Product Management Talk is pleased to bring you the next episode of...
    Product Mastery Now with host Chad McAllister, PhD.
    The podcast is all about helping people involved in innovation and managing products become more successful, grow their careers, and STANDOUT from their peers.
    About the Episode:
    In this episode, I dive into the seventh knowledge area of product mastery: culture and teams. We explore the importance of fostering an innovation culture, understanding team dynamics, and navigating product teams’ common challenges. Key takeaways include:
    The impact of organizational culture and climate on product successFactors that contribute to a thriving innovation cultureCharacteristics of high-performing product teamsStrategies for resolving conflicts and promoting collaborationThe importance of strategic alignment, engagement, and empowerment in product teamsI also provide practical tips for assessing and improving your team’s performance, as well as resources for continued learning and growth in product management and product development.

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    Dr. Whitney Chew on The Village Vision Podcast with Dr. Crystal Morrison

    by Word of Mom Radio in Women

    Tags: Word of Mom RadioWord of MomWoMRadioDr. Crystal MorrisonVillage Vision PodcastDr. Whitney ChewContent CreationUnsilenced VoicesSharing the Wisdom of Womenpodcast for womenwomen supporting women

    Dr Whitney Chew is a board certified internal medicine physician who is passionate about helping people realize their fullest potential through entrepreneurship. She is also a performance coach who helps multi-passionate, high-achieving creatorpreneurs tap into deep focus and peak performance to do more, be more, and make more money in less time.
    Join Dr. Crystal Morrison on The Village Vision Podcast. Connect with Dr. Chew at on LinkedIn, Instagram and YouTube.
    Dr. Crystal Morrison is a highly regarded executive advisor, strategist, leader, scientist, tech entrepreneur, andis dedicated to improving outcomes for children with special needs by building collaboration and communication among adults providing care.She create the Village Vision podcast to celebrate their stories and ignite action. Follow at and on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and YouTube.
    Dr. Crystal Morrison along with Jeannette Paxia, bring you “SUPERHEROES on the Spectrum.” This groundbreaking book transcends boundaries, unveiling a kaleidoscope of voices that span the spectrum of autism.
    Please support

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    NFI Radio Gospel Network Raleigh NC Tuesday June 11 2024. 8:00AM TIL 11:00AM

    by NFI Radio Gospel Network in Religion

    Tags: facebookgoogleBreaking Newswordprayer

    Tuesday June 11, 2024 LIVE 8:00AM TIL 11:00AM it's Radio Host The Traveling Preacher with the very best in Quartet and Contemporary Gospel music, playing the Old and New music. Also this morning from 9:30am til 10:00am LIVE it's Pastor Gladys Smith and Apostle Barbara Watkins of the Christian Life Church 6762 hI-way 56 West Franklinton North Carolina, radio broadcast. Followed by more gospel music, and later this afternoon from 12:30pm til 1:00pm LIVE it's 30 Minute Power of Prayer request hotline with one of NFI Intercessory Prayer Warrior. Join Overseer Reverend Therlin Kearney every Tuesday as he Intercede for you and this Nation. To listen by phone call 563 999 3020 or our website at and on facebook LIVE at NFI Radio Gospel Network. For private prayer call our 24 hour hotline at 984 733 3977 for contact. And from 1:00pm til 1:30pm LIVE it's Elder Carrie Harris, Pastor of Word of Deliverance Ministry Raleigh North Carolina, radio broadcast. Followed by more gospel music, catch the WAVE.


  • Stories of The Lives of The Prophets by Ibn Kathir

    by American Muslim 360 in Religion

    Tags: al islamal qurancommunity lifeprophetsibn kathirwilliam

    Join us every Tuesday morning from 8am til 9am EST.William Kareem reads from the book by Ibn Kathir - Stories of the Prophets
    Today: The Life of Prophet Muhammad(saaw).
    Listen on-line at and 24 hour live streaming(701) 719-4197! Live audience call-in to the studio at(515) 605-9891or(425) 292-4253. Email us, tweet @CWShuraa, like us on Facebook, Community Wide Shura’a Conference. Visit AM360 parent corporation Community Wide Shura’a Conference at, or leave a listener comment at(910) 317-0297. You're listening to AM360, the #1 Islamic Radio Station in the Nation, where your intellect is respected and your voice protected.

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    Christ Worship Radio Network - TUESDAY

    by KCC RADIO NETWORK USA-WORLD in Christianity

    Tags: Kayla PadgettFinding My WayInternationalApostle Job Wabwile

    Christ Worship Radio Network USA/World Welcomes "The Koinonia Moment" Radio Broadcast with Host: Apostle Job Wabwile of Bungoma, Kenya airingTuesdays @ 8AM USA, CST 4PM Kenya (GMT+3).
    Sponsored by Ewing Moving & Storage, INC.

  • The SUM of Us

    by Universal Energy in Spirituality

    Tags: intuitive readingseveryday spiritualityChanneled MessagesEnergy WorknumerologyhopehumorhealingLiz OrtizAlyssa BanguilanUniversal Energy RadioUniversal Energy Media

    Intuitive Numerologist Alyssa Banguilan and Intuitive Energy Worker and Channeler Liz Ortiz are evolving again with a new, updated show on Universal Energy Radio: The SUM of Us is the next level of our service, offering insight, wisdom, and empathy to our community of spiritual light workers.
    As we update the format of this latest iteration, please know that you can always reach us via email at Our intention still is to address topics and issues that come up in our everyday lives, in ways that are helpful and inspiring to others. Some shows will have the option for callers and chat room questions, other shows may be a "listen-only" format as we discuss a topic or theme at length.
    We'll still have a card message for the day, and of course we'll be using our own gifts of channeling, numerology, and intuition as we create the content for this space. We're excited to create and evolve our community with you!

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    ☎️Gervonta Davis Vs Frank Martin 4 Days Out❗️+ Weekend Recap

    by Tha Boxing Voice Radio Show in Sports


    ??Gervonta Davis Vs Frank Martin 4 Days Out??+ Weekend Recap

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