When His Eyes Opened Chapter 2783 (2024)

Avery hadn’t eaten much in the morning. Because of her personal habits, eating too much made her

prone to feeling lightheaded and sleepy, whereas maintaining a healthy level of hunger would keep her

mind sharp.

“Have you eaten?” Avery asked.

“We ate. It’s past one o’clock in the afternoon now.” Elliot replied, “Layla, take Eric’s parents back to

rest! When he wakes up, the hospital will notify you.”

After all, Eric’s parents wanted to stay in the hospital until he woke up. The doctor said that could

happen in 24 hours.

“It’s inconvenient to wait here. In addition to other family members, there are medical staffs who work in

his care. Let’s go home and wait!” Layla persuaded in a low voice, “You can take a nap when you go


The two elders were now more able to listen to Layla’s words.

Like them, Layla sincerely hoped that Eric would wake up soon.

Furthermore, after Eric woke up, his health would definitely not be as good as before, and the two

elders also hoped that there would be someone to take care of their son in the future.


Elliot took Avery to a restaurant near the hospital for dinner.

Elliot ate an hour ago, so he ate with Avery now.

“Can I go back to celebrate the New Year this year?” Elliot asked.

“Not sure. It depends on Eric’s recovery. If he recovers well, he should be able to return to Aryadelle.”

Avery suppressed her hunger after eating two mouthfuls.

She picked up the water glass, took a sip of water, and looked at Elliot: “Want to go home?”

“Robert took Hazel to my company.” Elliot said this, “I don’t know what they two are thinking.”

Avery couldn’t help laughing: “Did the two of them go secretly?”

“Yeah. But they were discovered when they went. Basically everyone in my company knows Robert.”

Elliot also picked up the water glass and took a sip of water, “But they didn’t tell me, and I didn’t ask.”

“Maybe they just passed by your company, so they went in to have a look. Hazel probably didn’t dare to

go, Robert must have brought her in.” Avery analyzed.

“Hazel doesn’t want to reveal her identity, she can’t get in at all.” Elliot guessed, “I guess Robert wants

Hazel to work in my company after graduation. Then he will be free.”

“If Hazel is willing, that’s good!” Avery’s attitude was that whether Robert would like to stay by their side

was actually not that important, what was more important was that Hazel was willing to stay by their

side, which was also very good.

Furthermore, Avery felt that Robert would not work hard like Hayden.

Robert shouldn’t be too far from Sterling Group even if he didn’t work for them in the future.

“My daughter is still young, let’s talk about it after she graduates. I don’t want to put too much pressure

on her.” Elliot said fondly.

Avery couldn’t help laughing: “It’s really early to talk about this now. Don’t put too much pressure on

yourself. Health is the most important thing in life. We are healthy now, and God treats us well.”

After eating outside, Elliot suggested going for a walk outside.

It was cold outside today, but they both wore thick coats.

“I didn’t expect you to come.” Avery held Elliot’s hand, and the two walked slowly along the river.

It was quite windy by the river, but the two of them had just eaten, so it wasn’t cold.

“Why didn’t you think of it? We haven’t been separated for such a long time.” Elliot squeezed her hand

a little bit, “I also told the children that I came here because I missed you.”

“Aren’t you ashamed?” Avery blushed, her heart was sweet.

“There’s nothing to be ashamed about. Our four children are all grown-ups.” Elliot teased, “I think they

should see more about the benefits of marriage. Otherwise, one, two, and three will not find a partner,

and they will all be celibate and no grandchildren will be able to hug us in the future.”

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When His Eyes Opened Chapter 2783 (2024)


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