Free Employee Time Tracking Software for Teams (2024)

Essential employee time tracking features

Everhour is so much more than a simple time tracker. Take a tour to some of the best features that make Everhour stand out as one of the best employee time tracking apps out there.

  • Clock-in, clock-out timer

    Let’s start with the basics. Everhour contains a start-stop timer for those who like the simple things in life. Track time as you go in a way that suits you.

  • Go classic with manual time keeping

    Choose a simple way to track time that meets your needs. Simply log in and record how much time you spent on a task or project, and get your team to do the same. That way, you'll have accurate records, and no-added reporting stress come the end of the month.

  • Review and edit your time entries

    Mistakes happen. That’s why Everhour allows you to amend your time entries before they infiltrate your overall statistics. Get time tracking right.

  • Manage time on your dashboard

    Access all your time data on your Everhour dashboard. See hours worked and productivity stats all in one place. Manage your time tracking functions, stats, and more.

  • Visualize your time dynamics

    Forget about endless lists of numbers and hours—see how you spend your time with clear visuals. Switch them on and see your days in colorful chart form.

  • Available for web and mobile

    Whether you’re using a browser or a phone, Everhour is ready for you and your team’s time tracking needs.

Irreplaceable features for managers

Managing a team means you need to be on the ball when it comes to their time and yours. Everhour makes time tracking simple so that you can focus on getting the most from your team.

  • Timesheets

    Sometimes simple is best. That’s why, at Everhour, we created this helpful timesheet to help you bring simplicity back to employee time tracking.

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  • Task management capabilities

    Forget about just tracking time. With Everhour, you can create projects, assign them, and have your employees keep detailed time logs within projects and tasks. As a result, your time and your team’s time is always accounted for in a meaningful way.

  • Almost endless integrations

    Asana, Jira, Clickup, Basecamp, GitHub, Trello, and so much more. We are constantly adding to our integrations so that you can integrate Everhour and track time directly within your project management tools.

  • Helpful alerts

    Got a deadline coming up? That’s ok. Switch on your alerts and never forget about deadlines again. Everhour’s alerts can also help you manage project time and budget.

  • Budgeting tools

    Time is money. With Everhour, it’s simple to keep track of the cost of hours spent on projects so that you keep on track of your finances.

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  • Archive

    Good record-keeping is at the backbone of any business. But those files can quickly add up. Everhour’s archive feature lets you store data without it cluttering up your day-to-day workspace.

  • Become the boss of your time data

    Get summaries, export data, and share time reports so that at all times, you are in charge of your time data.

  • Estimate work and projects

    Knowing how much time you spend makes for more productive projects by helping you plan your workload and prioritize tasks.

  • Manage your employees’ workload & time off

    Whether you’re planning your team’s next big project, time off, or reviewing data for exempt employee time tracking, Everhour makes tracking employee time simple, helping you get the most out of your team while also preventing burnout and regular overworking.

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Why do people use Everhour for time keeping?

There’s lots of time tracking options out there, so why choose Everhour? It’s simple—Everhour is an easy-to-use intuitive platform that lets you become the master of your time and your employees’ time. Packed with a plethora of handy time tracking and project management features, it is a no-brainer choice for those seeking a better way to manage time. With Everhour, you get:

  • Powerful integrations

    By working closely with project management apps, Everhour helps you to get the most both out of your time and your project management software. Forget about switching between tabs. Everhour integrates right into your PM platform for seamless time tracking that delivers vital project data.

  • Expansive reporting features

    Getting the most of your time data means having the best reporting tools to make it up. At Everhour, we make accessing your time data easy. Visualize how you spend your time with handy charts and more so that you can easily see where to make your project time more efficient.

  • Seamless project management

    From time to budget to planning and everything in between, Everhour integrates into your project management tools to help you manage your projects better. Get the data you need to estimate project costs, give quotes, manage your budget, plan staffing, and so much more. Everhour is your time helper in project management, and once you try it, you’ll wonder how you ever did without Everhour.

Free Employee Time Tracking Software for Teams (2024)


How do I track employee time in Microsoft Teams? ›

Microsoft Teams also offers manual timesheets for keeping track of employee hours. Employees can view previous time clock activity or edit current timesheet information. To do so, simply select 'Time clock' from 'Shifts' and click on the menu in the upper right corner to select the timesheet.

How can I track my employees' hours for free? ›

Clockify is a time tracker and timesheet app that lets you track work hours across projects. Unlimited users, free forever. Start tracking time — It's Free!

Is Clockify free for teams? ›

The most popular software for managing remote teams. Track work activity, see who works on what, and improve productivity. Start tracking time — It's Free!

Is Clockify really free? ›

Clockify is free no matter how many users you have. To use PRO features, you'll need a paid subscription. Pricing starts from $3.99 per user seat.

Does Microsoft have a time tracking tool? ›

You'll never have to fill out a timesheet again, as TrackingTime creates in-depth time analytics and performance reports automatically. Tasks Tracking: Keep track of your working times right from your to-do list with just one click.

Does Teams have tracking software? ›

Within the Microsoft 365 administrator dashboard, businesses can track user activity across multiple 365 products, including Teams. These reports can be viewed directly on the 365 dashboard or exported into a CSV format. This data can be viewed in seven, 30, 90 or 180-day layouts.

Is jibble actually free? ›

Yes, Jibble's time tracking software is 100% free, without any employee or time limit. Jibble does offer optional upgrades, which many larger SMEs and enterprises are likely to want, but for most businesses, particularly smaller ones, the free version is more than enough.

How do small businesses keep track of employee hours? ›

Desktop or kiosk time clocks

One of those methods is often a desktop or kiosk app. Using such an app, you can set up a designated clock-in station where employees can record their time. By designating specific places for employees to log their time, you can create a streamlined process for tracking employee hours.

What is the best free tracker app? ›

Overview of 6 Tracking Apps for Android and iPhone
AppBest FeatureFree-Trail Days
Find my Phone - Family LocatorOffers SOS button for help7-days
Family360Locating logs for above 30 days21-days
Google MapsExplore your neighborhood with this appFree
GlympseSend a link to your friends to locate you30-days
2 more rows
Apr 26, 2024

What is better than Clockify? ›

Toggl is a good Clockify alternative for users who need simple time tracking with just a few clicks. 👉 Read more about small business time tracking. The software lets you track time spent on work, creates reports based on time entries, and helps to see how long certain processes, tasks, or projects last.

Is Teams no longer free? ›

Important: After April 12, 2023, Microsoft is retiring Microsoft Teams Free (classic), the legacy free Teams app for business. Microsoft is making this change to invest in a single free Teams experience across personal and small business.

Is there a free simple work hours tracker? ›

Clockify is the most popular free work timer app that lets you and your team track how much time you spend on tasks and activities. Start tracking time — It's Free!

Is there a free timesheet app? ›

Jibble's timesheet app is 100% free forever for unlimited users.

Can you track someone's availability on Teams? ›

If you'd like to know when someone in Teams changes their status to Available or Offline, add them to your status notifications list either through a previous chat or in settings.

Can my employer track my activity on Microsoft Teams? ›

Yes, Microsoft Teams (MS Teams) can help employers monitor employees. As a manager, you can track almost everything your employee does within Teams. This includes text conversations, recorded calls, Zoom meetings, and more. Now, this opens you up to more questions.

How do I show my work hours in Teams? ›

Go to Settings > General > Teams & roles. Then, select a team, scroll down to Choose office hours and use the dropdown to select + New office hours.

What is the time tracker app for MS teams? ›

Time Tracking Apps Integrated with Microsoft Teams
  • ActivTrak. 4.6. (549) Work Wiser by Activating Intelligent Insights. ...
  • Zoho Projects. 4.4. (568) ...
  • Zoho Sprints. 4.5. (238) ...
  • Planisware Orchestra. 4.2. (18) ...
  • Highly viewed. 4.6. ...
  • ClickUp. Highly viewed. 4.6. ...
  • Jibble. 4.8. (907) ...
  • Wrike. Highly viewed. 4.3.


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